Rakesh Juneja

Rakesh Juneja

Birth- November 1961

Education- BSc., MBA

Profession – Manufacturing and Export

Mobile No.- 9711200830

E-mail – r.juneja@hotmail.com

Website- www.rakeshjuneja.com

Rakesh Juneja was born in Delhi and is settled in Gurugram, Haryana. He is a qualified professional and engaged in the business of manufacturing and export. With the blessings of Sai Baba, he got inducted to Sai devotional services and humanitarian work. He is always keen for the welfare of the poor and the downtrodden. His remarkable achievements are due to pure devotion and by following the principles of his Guru,Spiritual Instructor and God, Shri Sai Baba. Baba changed his life and mind-set from worldly gains to spiritual heights, after the great tragedy in which he lost his wife in December 2010. He did not know Sai Baba before this incident. Sai Baba rescued him and saved his life. Baba also blessed him with spontaneous powerful feelings for writing. He wrote remarkable books like Jail mein Sai Shakshatkar (Realization of Sai in the prison) and Sai hee Kyon, (Why only Sai), which are encouraging and inspiring to many people who are struggling in the battle of life and those who are in doubt whether to accept Sai Baba as God. He intends to write more books as long as Sai Baba wishes and desires from him.

He believes that life of a disciple is in debt to his Guru, so all possible efforts should be made to serve and please Him. Guru is the only God for the disciple and without Guru’s blessings, the life of the devotee is useless and has no meaning. With thechoicest blessings of Sadguru Sai, Rakesh Juneja wrote, translated and interpreted Dasganu’s spiritual literature in a new presentation titled Shri Sai Gyaneshwari, in Hindi and English, for the benefit of everyone who really wants to progress in spiritualism. He has dedicated himself to spreading Sai Baba teachings, ideology and spiritual knowledge through various modern ways and techniques to awaken the consciousness of every human being and thus contribute to Dasganu Maharaj legacy, which has become the inspiration of his life.

A successful businessman, the humility that Mr. Juneja holds in his hearts has always enabled him to notice the suffering of others. This became the reason of Mr Juneja to donate land and build hospital This ability that he has gained through Sai Baba’s teachings has even inspired him to write the Sai Gyaneshwari, a book filled with knowledge on how one can live a humble life and share all that one has with the rest of humanity.

It is this quest of helping others that inspired Mr. Juneja to associate himself with the mission of Dr. Swapnil Mane. Dr. Mane’s selfless efforts and dedication were impressive and Mr. Juneja left no stone unturned in helping him. Funding the infrastructure that is a part of the Saidham Cancer Hospital today and even buying an additional plot of land in anticipation of further expansion, Mr. Juneja has indeed been a driving force in this fight against Cancer.